Social Media Marketing Strategies

What Makes a Marketable Social Media Strategy?

Developing influenceur is something which is quite commonly observed and encountered by the legions of Twitter,
Facebook and MySpace users that log in every minute of the day. This approach to marketing via social media is a very

cost-effective method of advertising and reaching out to customers, especially when you think about the fact that you have
consumers simplifying your advertisements 24/7. But not every marketing strategy using social media out there is successful. For
each successful and rewarding venture, others wind up wasting their time and money. What is the distinction? What makes a
marketable social networking strategy?

Simply put, viral marketing is all about using an existing social networking network to increase the market presence of a certain
product or service. All you have to do is exploit the resources of the network by…

Producing the viral impact
1 word: interest. To successfully spread viral advertising, you have to first offer interesting content that manages the product
or service which you offer. A social media strategy can benefit from this by creating funny cartoons, humorous quips, educational
content or even simply just announcing your product or service. The latter can ignite interest if you understand when, where and
how to announce it. Simply put, you need to think of something interesting that will make users and audiences want to share it in
their own existing networks.

Maximizing the viral effect
There are ways you can optimize the viral impact, and among the most effective ways is to increase the amount of people that you
infect.” Now you can do this the traditional manner by expanding your networks and increasing readership by sheer marketing
finesse, or you can tap pre-existing networks for subscribers through a “middleman service.” 1 example of such middleman services
would be the various Twitter followers tools, where you are given the choice to power Twitter by buying hundreds, even thousands
of followers. No matter what you do, increased readership will always work in your favor when it comes to viral marketing.

A word of warning
You need to be very careful with the explicit and implicit messages of your viral marketing campaign online, since it will cross
borders and cultures. Racial slurs, gender problems, spiritual symbols and other similar taboo topics need to be carefully
screened out if you want to be prosperous.

Keep all this in mind, and you’ll come across viral marketing to be a very useful social networking strategy which has a very high
return on investment – if you understand how to utilize it correctly, that’s.

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